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  • Which locations do you have?
    We are always looking for new colleagues.Our current locations are:Schwedt/ Or Reinfeld (Holstein) Krefeld Weismain Altenburg near Leipzig Neustadt in Saxony
  • What makes you different from the competition?
    We, the F-Performance team, convince with detailed, factual and professional consultations. We respond to questions and take the time for our customers to answer all of their questions if we can, because we are only human and cannot know everything. We specialize in a variety of ways and focus on the needs of our customers. Due to our large number of different locations, customers can decide who to contact if they have problems with their vehicle or who they want to entrust their vehicle with for activation and map optimization. Of course, we always recommend the closest location.
  • Software update: Why and why should I have it done?
    There are always updates from the manufacturers for a wide variety of control units, these contain bug fixes and improvements and are therefore highly recommended.
  • Are components exchanged during an activation and are these included?
    Depending on the activation, you may have to upgrade or replace hardware. Our prices refer (unless otherwise stated on the respective page) to pure activation and not to retrofitting/converting hardware. We would be happy to make you a separate offer for the hardware and retrofitting/conversion if necessary.
  • From where is the hardware to be installed obtained?
    99% of the hardware to be installed is obtained from qualified and selected dealers who are only allowed to sell us new goods. If you wish, we can also organize your desired hardware via Ebay and other sales platforms.
  • What happens to the optimization when an update is installed by the manufacturer?"
    Activations are independent of the updates. Map optimizations are overwritten during a PCM update and are therefore ineffective. Performance activations, such as our StageZero, are not affected by the updates.
  • What can go wrong during an optimization and who is liable for it?
    99.9% of the time, nothing ever goes wrong, but something unexpected can always happen, e.g. break the connection between the vehicle and the PC.In such cases, we make sure that your vehicle runs perfectly and you don't suffer any losses.
  • i want to sell my car Does it cost anything to undo the changes?"
    Yes, reinstalling the series software and deactivating a service activation costs €29.95. Activations, e.g. Autolock, CTA and etc. are only taken back for an additional charge, these can be selected in the shop.
  • Can I install the purchased activations myself?
    No, these can only be installed by our experienced employees.
  • How does a meeting take place?
    You can choose whether you want to visit us or whether you want us to come to you. We do a preliminary check of your vehicle and generally connect the battery to the charger. We make backups of all the ECUs, which are then uploaded and backed up to our servers. They are therefore always available for possible upgrades. Depending on the selected products, coding, programming and updating is then carried out.After the whole procedure, everything is checked and checked again and then handed over to the customer.
  • Do I need to bring something to the appointment?
    All you have to do is bring your vehicle and your registration with you to the appointment.
  • Do you also go to the customer?
    Yes, if you wish, we can also drive to the respective customer, but this will be clarified beforehand by e-mail.
  • As a customer, do I have to have prior knowledge?
    No, you don't need any knowledge of the whole thing, our qualified staff will do this on site.
  • Wie kann man euch erreichen?
    Es kommt ganz auf dein Anliegen an. Die zwei wichtigsten Adressen sind folgende: allgemeine Fragen und Anliegen: Social Media Anliegen:
  • What does map optimization bring?
    It primarily brings more power (Ps) and torque (Nm). It ensures more driving pleasure and faster acceleration, as well as a higher top speed.
  • Is map optimization harmful? What do I need to pay attention for?
    Carefully made map optimization does not damage any component and does not cause engine damage. If you move around normally and humanely with your optimized vehicle, then you don't have to pay attention to anything else. However, it is generally recommended to set the service a few thousand kilometers ahead, as faster and wilder rides can lead to greater wear.
  • How is a map optimization carried out?
    We read your vehicle software and send it to one of our certified map specialists. These then evaluate your vehicle data and adapt them to your chosen option using a digital test bench.As soon as this has happened, we play the optimized data back onto your vehicle and do an extensive test drive and evaluate the live data.After passing the test, the vehicle will then be handed over to you.
  • Does the consumption really fall when there is an increase in performance?
    If you continue to drive humanely and adequately as before, then you can save on average 0.5 to 1L of fuel.
  • StageOne, StageTwo: what's that?"
    These names embody our performance optimizations. StageZero is a power release and houses the series software from the next higher-powered model. StageEco is an ecological map optimization that focuses less on performance and more on consumption. StageOne and StageTwo are map optimizations that focus on performance. They are for driving fun and enjoyment of the vehicle.
  • Does my control unit have to be removed for optimization?
    In 99% of the map optimizations, the control unit does not have to be removed and can be flashed directly via OBD (vehicle diagnostics connection).
  • Does my dealer see the optimization of my vehicle?
    Your dealer does not see the optimization.
  • Can the extra power be tested?
    We are constantly upgrading our sites with the latest and greatest technology for optimization and testing. Unfortunately, the additional performance cannot be tested at our locations at the moment. But there is the possibility to contact us and we will arrange an appointment on the test bench.
  • Does coding void the warranty?
    In the case of coding/activation, no guarantee expires, since the possibilities are already specified by the manufacturer and we only move within them.
  • Does a map optimization void the warranty?
    The dealer cannot see and locate the map optimization, but the warranty on the engine and drive parts will still be void.
  • Do I have to use an activation or coding to get to the place that can be registered?
    No, you are not obliged to do so, as long as it is not about performance increases or security-related modifications.
  • Are the control units manipulated during coding?
    No, there is no manipulation of control units. Nothing is re-soldered or anything else is tried. The coding takes place purely via OBD and the options provided by the manufacturer.
  • Does a map optimization have to be entered?
    Yes, a performance optimization must be registered with a competent authority.
  • Does a map optimization affect the exhaust gas values?
    Depending on the optimizer, the exhaust gas values can deteriorate or improve. Our files are tried and tested maps that have been tested on the test bench and on the road under continuous load. These are from our specialists who have been practicing their profession for more than 20 years.Our map optimizations stand for reliability and optimize your exhaust gas values in such a way that you don't have to be afraid of the next AU even if you don't register.
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